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The Main Control Web Console of ZHCASH.org Prepares for a Revolution in 2024 - News of the Year!


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The world of blockchain technology and virtual finance is undergoing a real revolution, and ZHChain stands at the forefront of this revolution. Today, we bring you hot news from the main web console of The Main Control Web Console, which will be the main topic of discussion this year.

New ENERGY-TUSDT Exchange Direction in TokenSwap

Now, users can engage in P2P trading of ENERGY directly for TUSDT. DAO ZHCash is creating a direct liquidity pool for trading ENERGY for TUSDT, allowing users to participate in this direction. A unique opportunity for our users!

ETH and USDT ERC20 Update

We prioritize the security of our users and are constantly working on improvements. Therefore, we urge all users to withdraw all their ETH and USDT ERC20 from the console for the time being, especially cancel orders in the Marketplace for the ZHC-USDT (ERC20) pair. In the new year, we are expecting an upgrade from the ETH node to the ETH gateway, and for this reason, all data for this direction, including balances, will be reset to zero.

Delegated Energy

The year 2024 promises to be a year of great changes, and ZHChain is ready to introduce revolutionary changes. All delegated energy that has been in delegate pools for more than one year will gradually burn in a special token burn smart contract. What do you need to do? Re-delegate all your delegates, preferably into one. Due to the rapid growth of users in the web console, we aim to reduce and remove unnecessary system load.

After the global IPoS algorithm update, this process will be automatically regulated. Users will be able to choose several types of delegation: for 60, 180, or 365 days, with automatic return of the delegated amount and the option of automatic return to an emergency external wallet in case of system shutdown.

Decentralization - The Main Course in the New Year

In 2024, ZHCASH.org plans to make several revolutionary updates that will bring the web console closer to complete decentralization. Our goal is to make this product as convenient and secure as possible for users.

Get ready for the grand changes that the new year will bring! ZHChain is always one step ahead, and we are proud to be part of this incredible revolution in the world of blockchain technology.

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