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May 11, 2021


The coin was listed and integrated with the 50x exchange.

What is good about the exchange:
▫️ You can buy cryptocurrency from a bank card.
▫️ You can trade coins for any coin available on the exchange.
▫️ No KYC, that is, no need to send documents anywhere.
▫️ You can delete your account if you don’t like the exchange
▫️ There is an affiliate program, the exchange shares its income with you.
▫️ Easy, fast, simple exchange interface.
▫️ Fast deposit and withdrawal of coins.
▫️ Exchange support is available 24/7.

These are not all the advantages of this exchange, so register yourself and tell others about it.

Exchange link:

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50x.com is the first exchange of its kind that allows you to trade each of the cryptocurrencies present on the platform against any other coin - without being tied to certain most liquid trading pairs.

This became possible thanks to the unique technology of the Any2Any Quantum Trade Core, created by a team of professionals led by Nick Price.

Any2Any quantum core technology on the 50x.com exchange

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