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    ZHCash is an open blockchain platform with open source aimed for creating decentralized applications working on a smart contracts basis. ZHCash is a Bitcoin fork with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) running over it. The platform gets the best from both sides and even more. The network started: 4.12.2019 



    The main goal of DAO ZHCASH is to form an open community of developers, conclusion product and sale of its services for further development and promotion platforms aimed at conquering the market of services for the creation of decentralized business applications and databases based on smart contracts and attracting users around the world. Support, development and implementation standards based on the Solidity programming language.

    DAO ZHCASH is a decentralized autonomous organization. It is an organization that operates autonomously and decentralized, without any requirements for a centralized party to make decisions.

    DAO ZHCASH are special functionaries and main validators of the network ZHCASH whose sole duty is to follow the program rules decentralized consensus and compliance with the DAO charter.

    DAO ZHCASH receives initial programming to set up rules, and after this works autonomously, continuing to perform its functions. In DAO smart contracts are used, which are a method of organization, rating and reputation for specific actions. DAO ZHCASH has no hierarchical structures, funding occurs during the formation of validators - the main network nodes (supernodes).

    Consensus is another important aspect of the DAO ZHCASH requiring that majority of stakeholders agreed on a decision prior to relocation, or withdrawal of funds. Even bugs cannot be fixed until most interested parties will not agree to do so. Thus the vote is an important part of the organization. Voting leads to consensus on decisions such as proposal approval, contractor selection and financing.

    DAO ZHCASH and its structural subdivisions (fund, corporation, business club, etc.) in their activities must be guided by the principles of the greatest possible openness and transparency according to procedures that ensure fairness and fairness.

    The use of open and transparent mechanisms for the development of corporate policy, that facilitate informed decision making, in consultation with experts, as well as provide interaction in policy development with departments that will be most affected by this policy.

    Impartial and objective decision-making based on published principles and rules of the charter of DAO ZHCASH.


    This organization is called DAO ZHCASH. The organization is a decentralized autonomous organization and society followers of common goals and ideology.

    Decentralized Autonomous Organization Organization - DAO) is an organization that can fully function without the usual management structure involving people.

    DAO ZHCASH can also be defined as an organizational system based on smart contracts based on the open blockchain platform ZHCASH with an open source code, the future direction of which is determined by users by voting.

    DAO ZHCASH has its own philosophy, values and management methods, that are passed down from generation to generation around the world. Main ideology DAO ZHCASH is to promote the collective management of common goods, including cultural and intangible works, natural resources, economic and industrial production, as well as social processes.

    Each member of the DAO is an individual and the main functionary. DAO Actions based on the Charter, and not on the will of one person, or a small group of people.

    The goals of this organization: under the leadership of its own autonomy, to rally followers, abide by the charters of the DAO, foundation, corporation, and any other entities, including corporate ethics and laws, regulations, follow DAO community settings, inherit and develop the best traditions. Protect legitimate interests of DAO participants, actively participate in the construction modernized digital state, make efforts to protect stability of the DAO community and all its formations.

    DAO ZHCASH is a decentralized autonomous organization that will accumulate funds for the further development of the network, platform ZHCASH and financing activities to improve services platform and project development of a decentralized venture fund.

    DAO ZHCASH is the initiator and creator of decentralized venture fund, corporation and business club of the same name ZERO GRAVITY, and DAO functionaries are the main shareholders and beneficiaries of these organizations.

    Decentralized venture fund Zero Gravity Foundation is under management (participants) further functionaries DAO ZHCASH, community developers of ZeroHour Development, ZeroLab, partner international consumer societies, cooperatives, beneficiaries, representatives which are functionaries of DAO ZHCASH and is formed at the initial stage its development through voluntary and non-refundable (donat) donations with entry of new members into DAO ZHCASH.

    Joining the DAO and EXIT from the DAO The candidate is admitted to the DAO strictly on the recommendations of existing DAO members. There should not be any of the DAO members against. The trial period is at the discretion of the DAO community. Each member of the DAO has the right to make suggestions or questions to the general Council of the DAO. A DAO member must comply with the laws and statutes of the DAO, the foundation and the corporation "ZEROGRAVITY". Members of the DAO are obliged to organize and hold forums, exhibitions, lectures, seminars and other activities contributing to the development of the ZEROGRAVITY eco system

    Exception from DAO For betraying the ideas and interests of the DAO (fund or corporation) and disclosing internal information. For disobeying the laws of the DAO. For violating the DAO bylaws, foundations and corporations. For slander, for theft of general financial and other resources. Of my own free will. Upon exclusion from the DAO, the participant is obliged to return the assets, received from the DAO for development. Return of a voluntary donation on the development takes place in each case individually under the consideration of the Board DAO members.


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